The World Through My Eyes
Just where I am going to post random stuff.
Username is albino raven child, though I am referred to as Tenshi by my partner Aji and our friends. Call me what you will.
Going to mostly post my bjd photos. Art will mostly be going on my OC blogs.
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i started watching swom clob

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what i am not:

  • a girl
  • a boy

what i am:

  • unholy spawn of darkness and fear
  • dreaded by all who encounter me
  • kinda hungry

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characters who have never had families building found families are very important to me

characters who have never had friends forging their first friendships are very important to me

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destroy the idea that biological families are more valid than other forms of family. destroy the idea that your parents/sibilings/extended relatives have an inherent right to be a part of your life if you dont want them to be

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